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    Fully tested and working perfectly. com Nov 14, 2012 · FM tuners over the years. Magnum Dynalab Tuners. 00: Write Your Review: MAGNUM DYNALAB - MD-205 SIGNAL SLEUTH FM ANTENNA AMP - My impressions of the tuner otherwise: While obviously inexpensive design-wise, this is most definitely one of the best-sounding tuners out of the box to cross my bench. Reviewer: James T. However, this location is next to a window, high, and probably not very far from where the antenna will be mounted. More from Magnum Dynalab: This tuner was the world reference standard tuner for many years. Built with the same precision aligned R. “I’ve always thought of them as being the ‘Rolls Royce of radio’ and their range of pure analogue tuners are widely considered to be the best in the world. section   매그넘 다이나랩(Magnum Dynalab) Tuner MD-90T SE. The finest FM tuner in the world won't perform much better than a mediocre component if you don't have it connected to a quality antenna. It is in perfect working condition. With the introduction of a simple, yet revolutionary product over 20 years ago, Magnum Dynalab's legacy began. magazine online. Canadian Magnum Dynalab who make FM tuners and is working on a new range of digital components, has just signed a new UK distribution agreement with County Durham based Decent Audio. Essentially, it's a very high quality computer running some custom software to lock in about any station that broadcasts on the World Wide Web. Then you hear what the Magnum Dynalab MD209 does as an amplifier, a DAC, and as a tuner. com That’s right folks, while it may have numeric display, you still have to spin the knob to tune in the station. It is a much better antenna than the standard "T" dipole antenna included with some gear, though obviously not as good as a large outdoor FM antenna. This complete process insures optimum listening enjoyment for many years. you may end up selling all your other tuners after that. Every other tuner I've listened to imparts an amount of noticeable background noise to the music. Sony HAP S1 REVIEW - Using A Hi-Res Audio player to resurrect my ripped CDs (Part 2) With analog, tuning is accomplished using specially-selected, discrete components in the tuner's critical "front end. Magnum Dynalab MD-108 tuner for sale. The antenna is plugged into a Linn Kudos tuner. . And while it doesn’t bring in distant stations as well as a Fanfare, Magnum Dynalab, or Scott 310-E, its performance was not too far behind. F. The tuner just came back after a complete « tune-up » from Magnum Dynalab. That means it is well built, thoughtfully designed, and a fabulous FM broadcaster. Analog FM Tuner (1 review) Downloads. Apr 14, 2014 · The Magnum Dynalab MD807T is a perfect example of this. wonderful little device, highly recommend this antenna. The tuner board is Magnum Dynalab’s best we have ever made, the TRACC MKII audio has been under development for 10 years by Zdenko Zivkovic, it features Teflon By-pass caps, fully balanced output, on board trimmers so tubes can be matched as they are listened to, WBT RCA’s, a brand new tube load and configuration and new Ultra Premium tubes, 100% gold plates traces and contacts on the audio board and power supply. If you are serious about FM, you’ll find complete satisfaction with the performance of a Magnum-Dynalab tuner. Jan 07, 2020 · Magnum Dynalab ST-2 FM Antenna—A sturdy antenna constructed of heavy-duty steel The ST-2 FM antenna will get stronger signals to your FM tuner in comparison to competitors’ models. I have black version, but silver is available. You can buy a good vintage tuner for well under $400 that  MD 102 FM Tuner. tuners. Stereo Analog FM Radio Tuner. Magnum Dynalab tuner I bought this tuner for $3600 about 20 years ago new from Music Lovers in Berkeley and it has had very little use and is in excellent condition. It comes in our larger all aluminum chassis and has a one inch thick front faceplate with blue segment displays. Reviews. This would be good for a smaller stereo system or maybe a bedroom or other room in the house. I do also use Magnum Dynalab's excellent "FM Signal Sleuth", but only for the weaker (college) stations in the area, and the combination is working well for me. My current Sansui TU 717 (moded) is a great tuner but not in the same league as the TU-X1. 28 Apr 2020 From the Magnum Dynalab website:"This tuner was the world reference standard tuner for many years. ' Magnum Dynalab's MD-90 pulled in rave reviews from the audiophile press. Without the remote option the tuner requires manual tuning of the large and pleasantly weighted tuning knob. Source: Manufacturer Loan Price: $1,500. It's a great time to upgrade your home theater system with the largest selection at eBay. RF performance than the. And that's exactly what this is. Once the MD 102 is locked in, it's as noiseless  The midrange is truly exquisite. FOR SALE: Magnum Dynalab FT-101 Tuner and MD-205 Signal Sleuth: Tuners: $650. Topic - REVIEW: Magnum Dynalab MD 108 Tuner - TomF 08:35:45 07/9/04 ( 4) Magnum Dynalab MD 108 Tuner - TomF 17:10:14 07/15/04 Sep 03, 2009 · Later, in September of 1985, the company marketed the FT 101, which was heralded as their first FM tuner. The RF 'front- end' of all Magnum Dynalab tuners is an exclusive   공지사항 FAQ신제품 리뷰설치후기질문과답변오디오 웹진고전사 추천 오디오 AUDIO BRAND전시회 / NEWS · 홈 회사소개 이용약관 개인정보정책 쇼핑가이드  Manufacturer: Magnum Dynalab c/o Trans American, 2775 Broadway, Buffalo, NY 14227-1043. The MD 107T FM Tuner is a worthy The HDT-20 is one of very few component HD tuners currently available, selling for about $154 at Amazon. The MD 109's front panel layout is both elegantly and ergonomically styled, very well thought out. I've been considering the MD90 from Magnum Dynalab - but only because that is the only tuner at the local stereo shop. Internet Media Tuner. Magnum Dynalab's revered FT101A FM tuner is justifiable regarded as one of the most sensitive, selective, and sonically accurate FM tuners of our time. This is a little odd as far as reviews go, because it's a review of an upgrade of products, rather  Description; Features; Specs; Pro Reviews; Manual; Warranty Magnum Dynalab's revered FT101A FM tuner is justifiable regarded as one of the most sensitive  11 Jan 2020 fed through the tuner's front end. Stereo was not even an option. com. Add AM capability, remote control, and an affordable price tag and you get a world beater of a high-end tuner, and I get a new reference component. “I’m thrilled to be working with Magnum Dynalab,” says Decent Audio’s Simon Griffin. It’s a DAB/FM tuner that’s also a valve 24/192 upsampling DAC, an internet radio, and a UPnP media renderer. Magnum Dynalab delivers CD-like quality with their latest MD 209 FM Receiver by Ernie Fisher When maturated audiophiles talk about FM radio, the MacIntosh MR75 and MR80, the Marantz 10B and Sequerra are fondly remembered and it wasn’t until the eighties that Magnum Dynalab joined the short list of distinguished FM tuners. Overall, the stately symmetry of the MD 107T is characteristic of the industrial design of all Magnum Dynalab  Audiofreaks webshop - MD 90 FM Tuner by Magnum Dynalab. Regarded worldwide for uncompromising standards, focus and dedication in FM Tuner technology and production. Great deals on Magnum Dynalab Home Audio Radio Tuners. 아날로그 튜너 리뷰 제품인 MD90은 동사의 하이엔드 튜너 중 엔트리 모델이라 할 수 있다. Don't starve your tuner for signals. I listen to classical stations most of the time, and this tuner can handle full orchestra with a solid bass response. I was using a Magnum Dynalab Silver Ribbon, which worked fine, but as soon as I plugged this in I immediately registered 10 db higher signal across all stations. 짧은설명: 따스하고 풍성한 아날로그 라디오 방송의 운치를 제대로 살려주는 튜너,. On/Off switch Five station presets Remote fine tuning Hard wire control interface ; We feel that you should not sacrifice the great sound received from your tuner in order to obtain the convenience of a remote control. I have yet to mount the antenna on the exterior of my house. Magnum Dynalab FT 101A. Comes with owner manual and original box. The tuner section is classic Magnum Dynalab -- simple, elegant and of very high performance. Our panelist Jim was not a big fan of how the one Fanfare he tested sounded in comparison to many top tuners, as can be seen on our Shootouts page. The 105 has a dramatic new cosmetic look. It improves reception in both urban and rural areas and works when placed vertically or horizontally. This arrangement is similar to some other tuners, such as the Magnum Dynalab FT-101A. The remote is optional and can be added to any of our tuners at any time. MAGNUM dynalab MD90T SE 가격비교 상품정보 - 요약정보 : 라디오 / 라디오튜너 / 라디오. Login or register to post reviews. Mid-Level/Upper-End -- Magnum Dynalab FT-101 (which I currently own, and have owned since 2001), and a Yamaha T-2 (a beautiful Low Profile FM Only Tuner I would love to seek out and find should I FINALLY part with my DEARLY BELOVED Magnum Dynalab FT-101) And My Dream Tuner(s) would be (if I had the money to buy one): (01). Features of the Magnum Dynalab ANALOG Remote. After thus concluding that it would be a generally cool and phat thing to explore the world of tuners, I contacted the nice folks at Magnum Dynalab for one of their   12 Nov 2018 You should request a review sample of the T-1200 and report back here. You can even pull tracks from a front mounted USB port. As in all Magnum Dynalab analog tuners, all design and building of the MD 100T 's highly adept 4-stage RF front end is done in-house. It shows that the signal too low (see pic 2) but the actual signal on both channels sounds evenly. What other tuner options are out there? Am willing to spend up to $1500, but less would be better. and came standard with balanced output. MD108을  I found a review: Quote. The original retail value was $6000. It's the way it does it that make it unique along with some of the options you have for its use. The 54" long Magnum Dynalab ST-2 is omnidirectional. It features an analog circuit for tuning in FM radio stations for the smoothest, richest sound. How much is this tuner worth today and does anyone want to buy it? The best thing about the DT-5 is that it is a Magnum Dynalab tuner. MY TAKE: A name long associated with superlative audiophile tuners, Magnum-Dynalab tuners have established a reputation world wide for their  Magnum Dynalab MD100 Analog FM Tuner | Audio Emotion. Oct 27, 2019 · Any indoor FM antenna is a compromise when it comes to picking up radio stations, but I've used this antenna for decades after receiving my first one as a pack-in with a Magnum Dynalab tuner. The best I was able to achieve was three out of five bars on my Magnum Dynalab Etude tuner, in mono. But having an audiophile stereo system, I finally decided to give a quality tuner a try. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Magnum Dynalab still thinks the receiver has a place in the home system, and the resulting MD209 is the only FM receiver built on North American soil at this time. And for those after an excellent digital hub, this ticks all those boxes and more. It seems to work nearly as well, while taking up less space and selling for a lower price. Not just as good as the classic vintage tuners, but actually even better. Our CERTIFIED USED products are refurbished, must meet factory spec and must be in good cosmetic shape to qualify. ” Jan 05, 2021 · Magnum Dynalab FT-101A . As successor to the FT101A, one of the most  We work with just one brand of tuners, Magnum Dynalab from Canada, simply because Look for reviews on the various models and note the excitement and  Description. So, currently, the ST-2 antenna is hanging upside down (this doesn't matter to reception) in a closet on the second story of my house. "Compared to the Magnum, many other tuners somehow sound flat and mechanical," marveledAlvin Gold in Hi-Fi News . "Compared to the Magnum, many other tuners somehow sound flat and mechnical," marvels Alvin Gold in the January 2003 issue of Hi-Fi News. Sep 12, 2009 · I am looking for an FM tuner for my stereo system, which consists of the i7 and Supernova from Simaudio and Cremona speakers. e. MD102 review sample I looked at some time ago. The predecessor and backbone of the new MD 108T, the MD 108, is one of the most successful standalone FM tuners we have ever introduced. 판매가: 3,000,000원. " In the Magnum Dynalab design, these components are selected and matched so that a unique balance of sensitivity, selectivity and sound can be maintained. And they have recently reviewed some MD tuners you should read the reviews on. With a tuner like this I prefer the hands on approach. New Magic Eye also installed for its new home. With this device, you will get great reception if you are located in urban or suburban areas. Magnum Dynalab now makes FM tuners, an integrated FM receiver, an integrated amplifier as well as a selection of both indoor and outdoor antennas. “Palpably superior to most conventional digitally-tuned tuners. came with the top of the line 75 ohm 25 ft. After all, it was the best in the world not so long ago. At $2695, the MD 806T costs only $700 more than I paid for my Transporter. How much is this tuner worth today and does anyone want to buy it? See full list on highfidelityreview. The Magnum Dynalab MD 807T is a very interesting device. using it indoors in rfont of glass sliding door. The Signal Sleuth, designed to boost and stabilize FM signals, was launched in 1984 and eventually led to the introduction of what would become the company's core product line for many years: world-leading analog FM tuners for the home market. "Next, the audio quality of the MD-90 received a boost with back-to-the-future triode tube The Dynalab tuner differentiated extremely well between rhythm and melody, allowing the full measure of the melodic line to emerge from the rhythmic accompaniment. Product description; Specifications; Reviews. The FM radio reception is exceptional with this top of the line tuner. The visual condition is good, it has very minor nicks on the tune dial. I've run a restored vintage tuner in my system for many years and have not found much that can beat it including a few Magnum Dynalab. In the process they created a post-modern classic worthy of the "high-end" appellation: the Magnum Dynalab MD 208 Discrete Audio Receiver. Topic - REVIEW: Magnum Dynalab MD 108 Tuner - TomF 08:35:45 07/9/04 ( 4) Magnum Dynalab MD 108 Tuner - TomF 17:10:14 07/15/04 because Magnum Dynalab is ‘the tuner company’ and not even thought about as a maker of anything not directly tuner related. Not by a great margin, and on paper by barely a whisker, but subjectively it had a rather intrusive noise quality. Some highly resolving equipment tends to sound edgy and mechanical as opposed to fluid and organic. Reviewed Feb 13th Dec 27, 2020 · Magnum Dynalab FT-101A Stereo Analog FM Radio Tuner - Audiophile Here is a wonderful FM tuner from Magnum Dyalab - the FT-101A. I’ve never had it adjusted or repaired and it still works perfectly. Feed it the RF nourishment it needs with the Magnum Dynalab ST-2. Lawrence Blair •  It's dead quiet. To someone looking for a good amplifier, the MD209 is an excellent amp with a superb FM tuner and a sublime DAC. The FT-1A is a high-priced FM-only tuner that competed with Magnum Dynalab for those who would rather spend 3-5 times more on a new tuner than buy a better vintage one. Magnum Dynalab FT-11 Sound quality Despite the great things claimed for its analogue technology, this turned out to be the noisiest tuner in the test. This was the entry level tuner from Magnum Dynalab. It features our TRACC audio board,  4 Dec 2015 Magnum Dynalab 'Signature' tuner upgrades. MD 90. Magnum Dynalab's MD-90 pulled in rave reviews from the audiophile press. There’s not much to operating it. We accept your old tuner on trade against any of our new models ( or other certified used tuners). “Compared to the Magnum, many other tuners somehow sound flat and mechnical,” marvels Alvin Gold in the January 2003 issue of Hi-Fi News. " Oct 27, 2019 · This is a smaller and less expensive alternative to the full-size Magnum Dynalab FM antenna. Mar 19, 2020 · Magnum Dynalab 205 Signal Sleuth FM Booster: $499 We've left this on the list forever, because there's not much for FM fans these days, and because this unusual, niche product has shown amazing staying power. Magnum Dynalab’s old-fashioned system has one goal in mind -- the best sound. Magnum Dynalab also had sent along their indoor/outdoor omni-directional AM/FM antenna to displace my usual secretary for reception duties. "Palpably superior to most conventional digitally-tuned tuners. Jan 25, 2001 · Magnum Dynalab brought onboard the engineers of Simaudio to collaborate on a preamp/power-amp/tuner combo worthy of their FM tuner technology. World's   World's best FM Tuners, FM Antennas, Music Streamers, Integrated Amplifiers, and Internet Radio Tuners A Review of the MD 209 Hybrid FM Receiver. The midrange is smoother, as well as more open than the  This tuner exceeds anything else I have owned. It brings out the best in any quality tuner or receiver. It has been a staple of the Magnum Dynalab collection for over 10 years and the first of our tuners to employ the distinctive and incredibly precise MAGIC EYE tube for tuning, and also the first of our Reviews and photos of vintage stereo tuners, including Kenwood, Sansui, Pioneer, McIntosh, Yamaha, Accuphase, Onkyo, Denon, Rotel, Technics, Tandberg, Magnum Dynalab. 15 Apr 2014 Alan Sircom has posted a review of the Magnum Dynalab MD807T music server with FM/DAB tuner (£3995) at Hi-Fi+. time fan of Magnum Dynalab, I have the following gear: 101A Tuner,  Magnum Dynalab(매그넘 다이나랩) MD90 FM튜너 중고. got st-2 connected to my magnum dynalab etude tuner, looks bad ass, signals bad ass . It attaches to the tuner with an F connector. The Fanfare is a very good tuner but belongs more in the class of a Magnum Dynalab Etude ($1350). More from Magnum Dynalab: This  Magnum Dynalab introduces another member to its line of Triode Tube FM ANALOG tuners, the MD 102T. It certainly makes a pretty good fist at picking quite  Please watch the full video review linked below from our YouTube channel. After auditioning all 3 tuners in a high resolution system my opinion is that both Magnums outperform the Fanfare 1 at $145 less and the other at $705 more. The MR 7082 is a pleasure to tune around the FM band because, unlike digitally synthesized tuners that briefly mute during each new frequency setting), the MR 7082 tunes smoothly and continuously across the band. It’s a hybrid design, using one of Magnum Dynalab’s special CryoValve 6922 tubes per channel in the preamp stage. Although their MD 209 has a price ($6500 USD) much closer to those of most of the components I review, this time I went whole hog and requested a sample of Magnum Dynalab’s top-of-the-line integrated amplifier, the MD 309, which retails for a hefty $8750. Building an FM receiver in 2016 seems almost anachronistic. It's easy on the ears, and I never 'tired' or found the sound irritating. Magnum Dynalab MD 90 Analog FM Tuner Tuners user reviews : 5 out of 5 - 3 reviews - audioreview. It is pure, unaltered, source audio. Which is a crying shame because it’s a really good amplifier. New for 2010, the MD 107 FM Tuner is a worthy replacement of one of our long-standing flagship products, the MD 106T. Our Magnum Dynalab MD 208 receiver Page 2 The difference is that in our standalone tuners there's an audio section handling the pure output stage: a significant audio section and a bigger one throughout. cable. At its best, the tuner approaches CD quality. This is without mounting the ST-2 properly or even taking it outside. The MD 309 is one big component. I have had the valve powered Magnum Dynalab MD 109 FM tuner for a little over three years now, using a Ron Smith Galaxy 13 element array aerial. As fine as the FT101A may be, in truth the classic technology has gotten a wee bit 'long in the tooth. no presets, no remote, no auto-tuning, and no AM), but if you can work with these limitations, or decide to add upgrades, you are sure to be impressed with its sound quality, and the only thing you will be without is AM. To compliment our lineup of analog tuners, Magnum Dynalab also began producing an assortment of both directional and omni-directional FM antennas,  The MD90 appears to deliver better. The company tells me that the tuner incorporated into the MD 208 is based on the existing Etude tuner as well as the new MD 102 tuner. I did notice that the other two tuners were better but not that much. Though not inexpensive, Magnum-Dynalab offers a range of FM tuners that will fit most budgets. His conclusions: There's  EquipmEnt REviEw Magnum Dynalab MD 801 internet media tuner By Alan Sircom L ast time we looked at a Magnum Dynalab tuner, FM was still slated for  Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for MAGNUM DYNALAB - ST-2 FM house and run nearly 100 feet of RG-6 cable before feeding my FM tuner. It is leaned up against my sofa. These stylish, modern components are compact without sacrificing the quality of sound expected from our products. Their bigger brother FT-101A or Etude were just way out of my price range. Naturally my time spent listening to FM went from often to almost never. The base Magnum Dynalab MD90 tuner is few in the creature feature department (i. 4 Oct 2010 anyone use magnum dynalab tuners, any suggestions for a reasonably priced model bel anyway back to MD , heres a great review of one. May 07, 2019 · The Mighty Magnum Dynalab MD 108T FM Tuner with Magic Eye! - Duration: 10:09. FT 11. With the popular Sony XDR-F1HD (which seems to be more highly regarded for its reception than its sound quality) discontinued, Day Sequerra is the primary alternative and their models begin at more than ten times the price… Magnum Dynalab MD-90 FM Tuner Tune in to the Best FM You've Ever Heard With the Magnum Dynalab MD-90 FM Tuner: MOSFET Front End and Custom Circuitry Help Enhance Quality of Radio Signals The Magnum Dynalab MD-90 and MD-90T FM tuners combine the very latest in discrete, analog technology. The sub-heading in this review of the Magnum Dynalab MD 106T tube output tuner, says: "the modern classic tuner". However I want a tuner that will be a good match for May 15, 2013 · In 2012 I noticed that Magnum Dynalab was offering a new series of four models of Internet Radio tuner, with various mixes of functions and features, and immediately requested for review the MD 806T, the model just above the entry-level MD 801. That as good as the vintage tuners are, such classics as the McIntosh MR-71 and the Marantz 10B tube tuners, both of which I've owned, the MD 106T exceeds the sonic performance of these tuners in Oct 14, 2017 · The Magnum Dynalab MD108t tuner can be ordered with the optional RC2 Precision Remote System which then allows an owner the ability to store and scan up to 20 preset stations. This antenna works wonderfully. Life was so much simpler when you could just say ‘tuner’! Nov 12, 2018 · The tuner board is Magnum Dynalab’s the TRACC MKII audio has been under development for 10 years by Zdenko Zivkovic, it features Teflon By-pass caps, fully balanced output, on board trimmers so tubes can be matched as they are listened to, WBT RCAs, new old stock Telefunken Ultra Premium tubes and a built to exceptional expectations substantial chassis. The basic requirements of the receiver have both radically changed and stayed perfectly still: a one-stop shop for all your audio electronics needs. This tuner works and sounds fine except the left signal meter needs a calibration. Magnum Dynalab’s MD-90 pulled in rave reviews from the audiophile press. Day Sequerra With improving RF transmission equipment around the world, this Triode tuner, with its distinctive audio stage, allows you to experience FM as it was intended, with the full emotion and zeal with which the music was originally recorded. MD 105 FM Tuner. The 105 replaced the popular 102 in our line. With this approach, Magnum Dynalab gives you best tuning possible, with several options to optimize the FM-only reception. This $99 vertical half-wave design made of stainless steel is a little longer than a dreadnaught guitar and accompanied the standard, zero-options MD-90tduring the review process. Customer Reviews. I ordered this unit without DAC and Audio Stage, I'm using the built-in  1 Mar 2011 With the rise of satellite and Internet radio, you might think that terrestrial radio tuners are a thing of the past—but you'd be wrong. Magnum Dynalab is pleased to announce the exciting DYNAMYTE series of diminutive components. Pioneer Tx-9100 – I still have one of these sitting on one of my equipment shelves. I'm pulling in NPR in Seattle from Vancouver island (Victoria) 60mils away perfectly clear and great sounding. It features our TRACC audio board, dual transformer power supply board which separates the control functions and the audio path, our TAB2006 control board and the 108RF board. Now standard on many of our high-performance tuners, the MD 107 uses two 6922 MD Triodes in the audio amplification stage, and features upgraded capacitors, tighter tolerances on components in the RF section, and an improved power supply. Instruments sound palpable, not the thin, nebulous characteristics you hear on a tuner/receiver. Magnum Dynalab FT 101 FM Tuner Review Magnum Dynalab FT 101 The Canadian-made Magnum Dynalab FT 101, which covers only the fm band (88 to 108 MHz), is perhaps the last of the analog tuners-and the only new one to come our way in some years. This tuner is much more like listening to   FM Tuners by Magnum Dynalab. Magnum Dynalab ST-2 Review. You had better have a system that takes advantage of the imporved dynamics of the better tuners. I am very pleased with it. strong signal, many stations. Description . Ho wever, this location is next to a window, high, and probably not very far from where the antenna will be mounted. For the techies, my setup is as follows: - ST-2 in the attic (hung upside down, but should not matter) - ~100-ft RG-6 with 3 couplers along the way - Magnum Dynalab 205 FM Signal Sleuth MAGNUM DYNALAB-CERTIFIED USED PROGRAM Our customers love this program. Magnum Dynalab MD-801. This unit is sure to extract the most intricate signals from amongst the milieu of FM congestion that abounds in today's urban markets. 25 Jun 2017 see so little discussion on Magnum Dynalab tuners and related gear. - Galen Carol . Magnum Dynalab. We introduce our TRACC audio section from our 109T, MD108T and 809 into our pre/headphone amp, Music Audio Streamer and DAC/HD USB. I was very pleased with the service MD offered. Now we take the signal right off our RF board and feed it down into the SimAudio preamp and power-amp section of the MD 208.